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St Patrick’s is a day to celebrate the elimination of Pagans, Druids and Pagan Celts from Ireland. Where many were beaten until they agreed to convert or where killed as a lesson to all who would not convert. 

According to the legend, St. Patrick stamped his staff on the ground to rid the snakes out of Ireland. In reality the snakes that were sent from the island were the Druids. St Patrick killed the Druids.

During the seventh century, the Christian Church taught its missionaries that if they could not convert any natives, they were to use any means necessary to convert the nonbelievers.

The Druids were not interested in giving up their old ways and converting to Christianity. St. Patrick is said to have lead to the murders of almost eight hundred Druid priests and priestesses (and a lot more others that were not recorded) and tortured many others, while many who were lucky enough escaped, but were drove from their homes. 

As he would walk by a Druid who would not convert, he would stamp his staff and walk away. His followers would then attack and kill the nonbeliever in front of their friends, villagers and family as a lesson to those who refused to convert. 

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